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Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. – Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Hi there!

This marks my inaugural post, and honestly, I'm not entirely sure where this journey will take us. The primary goal is to enhance my writing skills through consistent posting, but it begs the question: Who is the intended audience for this blog? Is it for the benefit of readers, real or perceived, or is it more about my own growth as a writer?
I grapple with the idea that writing may require a clear purpose or if its meaning is derived from the consequences of its existence. While I like to believe I'm not overly invested in the outcomes, the reality is, my time and effort are valuable resources. The immediate gains are the developmental strides in my writing skills, which is fine by me. The material outcomes, let's face it, might be minimal in the short term.

Yet, there's an allure to the discipline demanded by this endeavour. I aspire to become a better writer, adept at exploring ideas, and skilled at connecting with readers. That, I believe, is the essence of this undertaking. Paying attention to the quality of the work is an effort, but I want to challenge myself.

So, I'll strive to make it read well, sound good, and evoke emotions. I'll provide opportunities for readers to explore further through links. If just one person derives an idea from this, sparking something new, then this effort is undoubtedly worthwhile. I might never know who that person is or the outcomes, but therein lies the intrigue.

I hope what I write speaks as effectively to the everyday person as it does to someone on a construction site. I aim for utility, knowing that in being useful to others, it becomes valuable to me.
Opting for content quality over broad reach is challenging, as it requires ignoring the cost-to-benefit ratio. The temptation to simplify messages for a broader audience is real; it's more lucrative. This trend isn't new – Neil Postman discussed it in 'Amusing Ourselves to Death' (1985). The book illustrates how information delivery shifted from detailed oral communication to condensed print, leading to a decline in attention spans. This trend has continued with various media forms, exacerbating the population's ability to concentrate.

Full disclosure, I'm not exempt from this pattern. I, too, find comfort on the sofa, consuming bite-sized content disguised as reality TV. The ease of absorption, however, doesn't equate to love for it. There's a part of me that yearns for more active pursuits, yet my behaviour persists. Technology advances, communication evolves, and we find ourselves passively engaging even in personal relationships through social media.

The irony of writing this instead of engaging in a lengthy, in-person conversation is not lost on me. I'm not advocating for abandoning the written word. Instead, I aim to resist the temptation to write for mass appeal. I want to say something true and worth sharing, with a quality that reflects my best ability.

So, who is this for, again? I know it's for me, the writer, but I hope it's for you, the reader, too. If you've made it this far, perhaps you'll go a little further. Along the way, we might find meaning in what's happening now, even if it doesn't quite know what it is yet.

Thanks for connecting. If you found this post enjoyable or useful, please share it with others.

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